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TWKgaming blog
Sep 22

Minecraft 1.8.1 finally stable!

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Well,  after lots of efforts, reporting bugs, fixing things'n'stuff, Minecraft 1.8.1 is finally stable with a recommended release!

In order to keep things calm (NOT), Notch is planning another "leaked" release of beta beta 1.9 (I really wrote two beta) , cool stuff, bukkit team and server admins never sleep :D

So atm, our servers run MC 1.8.1 with CB 1185, all the other plugins may be updated until the end of the week, and maybe next week or so, a new 1.9 release.. geesh, cool heh...

Sep 15

Minecraft server 1.8 updated

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YESSSS, well, after a few hours of waiting, Bukkit team release the mod for 1.8, which means, out servers are now ready and accepting players.

Factions had to be reset, which means, no factions at all, so everyone must form up new factions and sethomes, as the previous one would conflict with the new map, and also that, the map is also reset to the new Minecraft generator.


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