Friday, June 21, 2024

General rules of conduct for public servers and website:

  • No abusive behaviour toward anyone is permitted.
  • No cheating/hacking or glitching of any sort.
  • No rudeness toward new players to the servers or game.
  • Respect admin decisions

TWK general rules for all members

The bottom line is that TWK is intended to be friendly clan that run friendly servers and therefore exhibit friendly behaviour.

There are certain things that are expected from all members of the community/clan. Thus we have the rules of TWK, which will no doubt be updated and altered as time goes on.

No overuse of any admin rights on the servers.

About donating to TWKgaming:

Rules still apply not only to members but also to donators. We do not provide a 'service' for your 'payment'. If you donate in order to help our servers, we allow you to have additional rights as a little thank you - but if you abuse them they will be removed.

Clan member rules

Playing as part of TWK means you are representing our community and we have worked hard to maintain our reputation as a good clan to play. Please make sure you adhere to the following...

In match do-not's:

  • No arguing during a match
  • No raging
  • No accusations of cheating against the opposite team to be uttered during a match
  • No disrespectful comments to team members
  • No abuse toward another team - absolutely critically NEVER during ANY ED matches.

In match do's:

  • Please keep match chat to a minimum - most clan's expect no chat during a match
  • Please keep vocal communication short and accurate
  • Please listen to the match caller
  • Keep positive - even in the face of defeat
  • Support your team mates - if you are feeling annoyed at team mates, you are not supporting them.

Email and site rules:

The TWKgaming site has terms and conditions that are accepted upon registration.

Terms and conditions for using the site can be found here.

Use of TWK gaming email is strictly for TWK business and must not be used in any way that could be deemed illegal including harasment, abuse or spam.

Disregard for the rules will result is action being taken.

And lastly, please speak to an admin or directly to DS via PM, email, msn, steam, etc if you wish to discuss something that troubles you.