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TWKgaming blog

TWKgaming blog
Nov 18

Twkgaming Minecraft servers

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Twkgaming has two Minecraft servers

Nov 18

Teamspeak server

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Hello fellow gamers! 

Well, since the previous TS server is gone, I've setup a new official TS server for us.

So please if you have something to say while playing Minecraft or just want to stop by, join at

Have fun!

Welcome to TWK!

Latest Message: 1 month, 2 weeks ago
  • MrBombe7 : To yall old TWK players, if there is anyone of you who might want to play either Minecraft or something else again, contact me on Steam, ID: Girithien
  • Tunes : Yes, I'm still alive
  • Tunes : BOOM HEADSHOT :D
  • samhopper99 : oh my god. There are so many names I remember here from like 5 years ago haha.
  • Pooky : Happy Holdays Ya'll! Wink
  • Tunes : Geesh, I keep this machines running everyday, but really don't come here that often, nice to see one or two logins a day still Smile
  • gracielynn : Long time no see O_O
  • gracielynn : ...
  • Ronzku : oh dem memories Crying or Very Sad
  • M3ntoz : o/
  • Che ken : and if you don't have me added... ADD ME (thecheken avatar is the old yin yang symbol)
  • Che ken : 1 month and 3 days ago? Damn looks like I missed the party Sad and here I am after a few years looking to see if you guys were in the cs:go community at all! If any of you see this get in contact with me on steam, wanna catch up
  • substick : Hello Smile
  • Xenophobe : HERP DERP!
  • 117derek : Wait TWK is done?
  • Pooky : No prob Tunes, we had great times with TWK, but we all gotta move on with out lives sometime Smile Thanks for all your efforts, you've been our amazing IT-guy & Admin Wink
  • 117derek : Haha I remember this place. Too bad I was a retard and got banned.
  • DaRkSLaYeR : havent logged here for like 2 years or so god i missed you nabcakes
  • DaRkSLaYeR : well well this sure bring back memories
  • Tunes : I'm still alive... however... my lack of time for this subject is getting troublesome lately, neither willpower to carry on.. soz
  • M3ntoz : to see if the almighty tux was still alive ofc ^^
  • Tunes : mentoz and slab here Smile
  • slaB : This is still up I see, anyone up for hardcore CSGO-ladder climbing?
  • M3ntoz : hello everyone
  • Tunes : ...
  • Lonestarrz : Hey Guys Can I please Become a Member od your Server,Thanks -Lonestarrz
  • alperino_dca : hello Laughing please may I become a member of youre server Smile thank you for reading Laughing
  • Space_Cowboy : Ya so rena quick question between me and you... Why did you trash talk me and make me miserable so many times on the ts server? All you did was trash me and basically ruined the fun i had on twk. On another note great job on getting basically every single mod and admin to turn against. I took four spider eyes, you blew up my house which made us even but nope you have to make a huge deal out of it and get every mod but gimp to not even so much as talk to me
  • anonymou596 : Hey I used to have a minecraft account with the username of No1kippo but it got cancelled for some reason Sad anyway this is my new account could you make me a member again, thanks Smile

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