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Sep 22

Minecraft 1.8.1 finally stable!

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Well,  after lots of efforts, reporting bugs, fixing things'n'stuff, Minecraft 1.8.1 is finally stable with a recommended release!

In order to keep things calm (NOT), Notch is planning another "leaked" release of beta beta 1.9 (I really wrote two beta) , cool stuff, bukkit team and server admins never sleep :D

So atm, our servers run MC 1.8.1 with CB 1185, all the other plugins may be updated until the end of the week, and maybe next week or so, a new 1.9 release.. geesh, cool heh...


Yesterday Notch asked in twitter for reporters to give good reviews would receive heaps of money, well I insisted if only reporters count, why not server admins who pay heaploads of cash to host expensive java servers... no reply.. as usual :|

Also thanks to cheken, who got something nice, we were able to find the absolutely buried strongholds, only one left to find! Although we've found them, I advise NOT TO BUILD OR OWN THEM, cause I WILL REGEN THE AREA in case of need to spawn the boss monsters and other precious stuff.

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