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TWKgaming blog

TWKgaming blog
Apr 29

CS:S servers

Posted by DreamState in Untagged 


It is with great sorrow that TWK is going to close it's CS:S servers temporarily.

I believe it will be a temporary thing. TWKgaming has always proven itself to be an incredible community. Since the moment of its inception it has survived through difficult times. We have amazing community members to thank for that.

I set up TWK in 2007, and the fact it continues today not only astonishes me, but is testament to the hard work of many of its members.

Mar 06

Minecraft 1.2.3

Posted by Tunes in Untagged 


Hey fellow players at TWK Minecraft survival server, I'm proud to announce the server is back online with the previous survival map and most of it functionality has been restored, plugins like virtualchest, mcmmo, factions, worldedit and a few other are back up. 

However virtualshop, for the moment is dead with no way come back online, so what everyone had in the shop is lost, I will install a new shop plugin.

Have fun!

Welcome to TWK!

Latest Message: 1 week, 6 days ago
  • gracielynn : I got hit with a wave with nostalgia and found myself here, I hope everyone is doing well, its been awhile .. like almost a decade ha.. well, until I wander here again, peace
  • Vandricko : Im back, the old good Vandricko, some off the old good guys here? Me and syver still playing, with the twk tag
  • Tunes : Badumm tssss :D
  • Tunes : Yeah baby yeah!
  • Pooky : Haha, So happy to see this site is still running!! I've still got all the Css scripts on my back-up Drive. Say Aye and it can all be back Wink
  • liger : post your nicknames in the forum
  • liger : you say IF, I say WHEN
  • Chifilly : o/
  • Deathkitten : I WILL I WILL COME BACK!
  • reacT : Legit question: If aspects of TWK were revived, who would come back?
  • liger : TWK pwned so much, everyone died
  • eeverhart : Wow came back on here and so many people I remember from the old TWK server it sure has been a while
  • gracielynn : Still think it will come back eventually?
  • Tunes : but the community sure did a bit Sad... or a lot...
  • Tunes : Not everyone has died :D
  • liger : only the leet ones are still here.
  • gracielynn : It seems that everyone has died
  • MrBombe7 : To yall old TWK players, if there is anyone of you who might want to play either Minecraft or something else again, contact me on Steam, ID: Girithien
  • Tunes : Yes, I'm still alive
  • Tunes : BOOM HEADSHOT :D
  • samhopper99 : oh my god. There are so many names I remember here from like 5 years ago haha.
  • Pooky : Happy Holdays Ya'll! Wink
  • Tunes : Geesh, I keep this machines running everyday, but really don't come here that often, nice to see one or two logins a day still Smile
  • gracielynn : Long time no see O_O
  • gracielynn : ...
  • Ronzku : oh dem memories Crying or Very Sad
  • M3ntoz : o/
  • Che ken : and if you don't have me added... ADD ME (thecheken avatar is the old yin yang symbol)
  • Che ken : 1 month and 3 days ago? Damn looks like I missed the party Sad and here I am after a few years looking to see if you guys were in the cs:go community at all! If any of you see this get in contact with me on steam, wanna catch up
  • substick : Hello Smile

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