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Absence, time, future
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TOPIC: Absence, time, future

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Absence, time, future 9 years ago #35344

  • Tunes
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Hello folks, I'm not dead and neither do you

Lots of things have put me away from TwKGaming for a long time, even though, the vanilla mc server still leaves on, curiously without a restart in months

I don't, neither want to promise anything, there is a new site half made, if I find the will power, I'll finish it up a bit more and publish it, if, I find the willpower.

Everything is well, besides a few bruises due to the mountain biking stuff, got a new, very hard, project in my hand in the last 6 months, as usual, Linux related, and pretty big to keep me busy.

Online time is mostly FB, find me there.

Cheers folks! I'll be around.

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Re: Absence, time, future 9 years ago #35345

  • VooDoo
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Howdy! - I still check the forums almost every day just to see what's happening. Sadly nothing in months, I visit the Vanilla minecraft every few weeks also but I don't tend to stay for long. - It's nice seeing a new post in this forum.

Well, I wish you luck on your new big project thing and I hope all goes well! and I hope your bruises and such are better soon
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Re: Absence, time, future 9 years ago #35346

  • M3ntoz
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I also check this forum now and then.
Been busy with studies and playing guildwars2.
Im also learning some linux networking thingies
Good luck on the project and im online on steam if needed.

M3ntoz out
Mr.Moo: Damn, Mentoz beat me to it -.-

Re: Absence, time, future 8 years, 11 months ago #35347

  • sh4z
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Lookin forward to seeing the new site Tunes I still check back from time to time.

Re: Absence, time, future 8 years, 11 months ago #35348

Hey nice to see people chatting again

Good luck on the project Tunes!

Re: Absence, time, future 8 years, 11 months ago #35349

  • nuckyi
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I only check it about once a month, been working like crazy so not alot of game time. good to see everyones still alive

Re: Absence, time, future 8 years, 11 months ago #35350

Good to see you too.

Re: Absence, time, future 8 years, 11 months ago #35351

  • gracielynn
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Ello, Happy to know TWK is coming back! I wish you good luck on your project!

Re: Absence, time, future 8 years, 9 months ago #35352

So is there going to be a new server or is the old one going to get a restart? I miss all you guys.

Re: Absence, time, future 8 years, 8 months ago #35353

  • Penguin
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Need the warcraft server back up, missed playing that!

Well, I would miss it if it wasn't my fault that the servers completely got messed up. - I totally didn't get admin access and screw everything up causing the server to go all bugged up and crash constantly and make the server go completely empty and never re-populate.

Yep, I totally didn't do that.
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