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moar reptiles, pl0x
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TOPIC: moar reptiles, pl0x

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moar reptiles, pl0x 11 years, 7 months ago #33188

  • iMattR
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Hey, people. As some of you were very happy with Zeus and think he's adorable, which he is (and if you don't believe so, then I'm coming for you with a switchblade) I'm quite pleased to say that I'm considering getting more reptiles! So, on this post, I'm giving a list of reptiles I'm thinking of getting or want. And hell, I'll probably even update it in the future.

Leopard Gecko
Leopard Gecko's are freaking adorable. They're not as obviously scaled as a bearded dragon, and don't have spikes, so they're very... round little creatures. They're easy to handle, and enjoy attention just as much as a bearded dragon does and have a pretty similar diet. I'm definitely considering getting two of these in the future, as they enjoy interaction with other leopard geckos, unlike bearded dragons who aren't unless brought up together.


Tree Monitor
Tree Monitor's are just... fucking beautiful. They're omnivorous, meaning they'll eat quite literally anything they find in their natural environment. From what I've seen, they enjoy being handled, but I'm not overly sure as to whether you can have them out like you can have average reptiles. Either way, I'd love to get one of these, but I don't think it'd happen because the cheapest one I've found local was almost £2000. They're exotic, and rare - but slowly becoming less and less rare.


Golden Gecko
Very similar to a leopard gecko, just different colouring (and maybe environment). Again, definitely a thumbs up for this one, but I think I'd have to get a pair.


Royal/Ball Python
This one, I'm not seeing me getting while I still live at home - but my god, they're adorable. Docile, simple diet (pinkies, vegetable, mice, rats; all dependant on age) and love human interaction. I prefer the "royal" python to the "ball" python, but the only reason it's called the "ball" python is because when they're threatened, they'll curl up into a ball for defence. They grow up to 5ft I believe, which would be freaking amazing for walking around with! The only downside is, I can't get one of these while I live at home, because my parents can deal with average reptiles... just not snakes.


So, that's my list of reptiles I want! I'm probably going to add to it in the future, and hell, if I get one I'll let you guys know and post pictures like I did with Zeus.

Re: moar reptiles, pl0x 11 years, 7 months ago #33189

  • VooDoo
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All I can say is.. "LOL! TREE MONITOR = MASSIVE HEAD" (on that picture anyway)

Ehm... i think the cutest looking on there is the leopard gecko by far.

Re: moar reptiles, pl0x 11 years, 7 months ago #33190

  • VoGon
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Why dont you get one of these Geckos?

Fallout... oh the fun I had... LOL

Just kidding.

I think that the Leopard one looks nice!
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Re: moar reptiles, pl0x 11 years, 7 months ago #33191

  • iMattR
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Hmm... what's their diet like Vogon? And yeah, leopard gecko is definitely my next one.
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