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MCbans rules
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TOPIC: MCbans rules

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MCbans rules 9 years, 5 months ago #34318

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This post attempts to help with ban reasons along with mcbans.

When placing a ban, there are rules to avoid disputes, which take me some time to deal with.

So please, take a spin at the mcbans page;


Below, the main part of those rules.

Valid Global Ban Reasons

  • Valid reasons for global bans are, but not limited to:
  • Griefing or theft (More than one block must be broke in order to be valid)
  • Causing server downtime by DDoS or any other malicious method
  • Spambot ("Spamming/Spam/Spamming Chat" are not allowed, it must actually be automated)
  • Client side modifications (Please be specific with your reason - "Hacking" is not enough information - See blue note at bottom)
  • X-Ray related modifications (This includes x-ray texture packs)
  • Racism or Homophobia
  • Posting direct links to pornographic material or "shock" websites
  • Nazi symbols or skins
  • Honeypots (Server must comply with Honeypot guidelines)
  • Concerning client side modifications: Simply using a modified/hacked client is not global bannable. Please be sure to get proof of the player using the malicious hacks in your server. Please specify in your reason which type of hacking it is. Example: Flymod

Invalid Global Ban Reasons

  • Invalid reasons for global bans are, but not limited to:
  • Harassment to server players or staff
  • Spamming
  • Too many alternate accounts
  • Ban reasons with any foul language or name calling.
  • Griefing teams
  • Impersonation of MCBans staff
  • Impersonation of Planet Minecraft staff, or similar.
  • Advertising or threats
  • Any builds containing male or female genitalia.

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